Phnom Penh: The size of the EU's multi-year program for seven years will be about $ 500 million, and Cambodian officials and EU ambassadors Europe expects better relations, cooperation and development partnership between Cambodia and the European Union.

The expectation was made during a meeting between Mr. Chheang Yanara, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister and Secretary-General of the Cambodian Committee for Rehabilitation and Development. Council for the Development of Cambodia with Ms. Cameron Morino, Ambassador of the European Union to Cambodia on March 3.

The meeting was held to discuss priorities for development cooperation and development partnership between the two sides for the seven years from 2021 to 2027.

According to a press release from the Council for the Development of Cambodia, the scope of funding for the EU's seven-year multi-year program in Cambodia will be The size of the financing was 2014-2020, which at that time was 410 million euros, or about $ 500 million.

Mr. Yanara said that the implementation of the EU Joint Strategy on Development Cooperation for Cambodia 2014 and 2020 and the EU's multi-year guidance program Europe 2014-2020 has strengthened its partnership and made a significant contribution to the sustainable and environmental development of Cambodia.

Ms. Cameron Morino stated that the preliminary draft of the EU Joint Strategy on Development Cooperation for Cambodia 2021-2027 and its multi-year guidance program The European Union 2021-2027 is ready and ready to discuss and gather input in consultation with Cambodia and its partners after the approval of the European Commission.

EU Multi-Year Program 2021-2027 is an EU-Cambodia Operational Tool for the Implementation of the EU Joint Strategy on Cambodia Development Cooperation. The program focuses on three priority areas: green growth and employment, education and vocational training, and governance.

The European Union's Joint Strategy for Development Cooperation in Cambodia is in line with the Cambodian Government's four-point Rectangular Strategy, including human resource development, economic diversification, and development. Promote the private sector and employment and sustainable development and the environment. This is according to the same press release.

"Finally, the two sides hope that the cooperative relations and partnership in the development cooperation between Cambodia and the European Union will "Continue to strengthen and expand even better in the future."

In addition to discussing cooperation and development, Chheang Yanara also thanked the European Union and its partners for their contribution to Cambodia. To the 19-Kovid epidemic, where participation focuses on public health, improving livelihoods and food security, and economic recovery and job creation. According to the European Union, $ 3.4 million in funding has been provided to Cambodia to support the health system.