CEO of Cambodia Airports The company continued to retain staff working on and implemented the Sihanoukville Airport Development Plan despite the COVID19 crisis.

Alain Brun, CEO of Cambodia Airports, made this statement during a meeting between Mao Havann, Minister in charge of the Secretariat of Civil Aviation on April 23, 2020.

Alain Brun, CEO of Cambodia Airports, confirmed to the Minister that flights from January to April 2020 were down 95% as a result of COVID19. .

Alain Brun said the company would continue to develop the airport as it plans to participate in the airport infrastructure development. Sihanoukville Airport Infrastructure as per the plan, regardless of the impact of COVID19, with 70% of road construction 42% work apron 45% of total employment as a whole was 57%.

In addition, the director general said that Cambodia Airports retained almost 1,800 staff without any staff reduction. Simply keep the staff on the part-time, part-time and part-time staff, with a pay cut of only 20% for salaried employees More than $ 500 a month for employees with $ 500 down below is the same deduction.

Taking the opportunity, Mao Havanal, Minister in Charge of the Civil Aviation Secretariat, thanked Alain Brun, CEO of Cambodia Airways, for their good planning. Staff management will keep the infrastructure development in place to maintain and contribute to the recovery and development of post-crisis Cambodia COVID19 ៕ By: Beauty