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Phnom Penh: In 2020, the garment and footwear sector in Cambodia is experiencing the first tragedy. The European Union has decided to exclude parts of the EU's preferential tariff system, except for the 20% arms embargo and EBA. Another major problem the world is facing is cholera The 19th century is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world, with major buyers such as the US and the Union Europe is also suffering from the disease and has decided to suspend the export of textile products from Cambodia.

In the worst case scenario, a report by the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) shows. About 70% to 80% of buyers have asked for a suspension of the order to prevent the spread of the disease. In view of the worsening situation, the Royal Government of Cambodia has issued a declaration of exemption from corporate income tax or profit The garment and footwear sector is based on exposure levels.

Kaing Monika, deputy secretary general of the Garment Manufacturers' Association, said the tax exemption This does not seem to have reduced much of the burden on the textile industry in Cambodia as a major buyer. The number has been suspended from Cambodia due to a problem Widespread illness COR 19. “We do not expect this year to be profitable in Cambodia,” he said. “What will be a big challenge for the factory now and in the near future is the flow problem,” he said Cash flow because we can't deliver the goods to the buyer and no cash payment, so the factory has no money No pay for workers. All we can say now is that the next six months are very vague and what is Of particular concern is Cambodia's export market. “The thing to focus on is the implementation of different mechanisms for survival in the near term.”

According to a number of Cambodian unions, similar buyers have now asked for a halt to shipping. Get to them while they are dealing with the ongoing epidemic of polio 19. However, to ensure the safety of factory workers, employers should allow employees to take breaks to prevent the infection, as the order is Also falling this time.

According to Pav Sina, president of the Cambodian Labor Confederation, “it is true that the sector is suffering Repeatedly affect both EBA and COD 19. In this situation, every country in the world needs to save their people, so they need to close their country for a while Orders from Cambodia have also been suspended. However, buyers should also be mindful of the lives of workers in Cambodia who are suffering from kiwi. Also, with some support for the workers and the Cambodian government some help, they could escape the crisis Just one level. ”

He added that about 50 factories are currently closed and affecting about 30,000 workers, if jobless This is still the case, after April, the situation of workers' unemployment will increase and gradually increase. However, as the situation of Kuwait 19 improved, he asked the European Union to consider assisting Cambodia by continuing to provide the system Preferential taxation to Cambodia to improve the lives of workers and their families.

It is important to note that the garment and footwear industry is one of the largest employment opportunities for Cambodians. Nearly 1 million people contribute about $ 2 billion a year to workers and contributes to economic growth Nationals as well. But by 2020, the sector is likely to suffer from repeated problems that demand that all stakeholders be involved in urgent action.