Prey Veng: Speaking at the Closing Ceremony In the morning of March 12, the Prime Minister of Kratom stated that by 2020, we must join together to strengthen the commitment to achieve our goals. The four key strategies will address the absolute protection of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintaining peace, political stability, social order and macro-stability. Opportunities.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Kral Kheng Kheng said that the first strategic direction was underlined. Continuously defending the independence of democracy and territorial integrity, maintaining peace, political stability, social order and macroeconomic stability promoting freedom and freedom. Such laws of the state in accordance with the constitution and the laws in force in the country.

The second strategic objective is to continue to promote the democratic economy of populism on the basis of ensuring peace and development. Sustainable integration of democracy and the rule of law protect national identity, dignity, good national tradition, and build social harmony. The third objective is to further promote the reform programs identified in the Phase IV Rectangular Strategy, as well as the reform of decentralization. Decentralization aims to create new opportunities for further development and poverty reduction.

Strategic direction 4 was highlighted by the development of the social benefits of social protection. Equity and strives to address the challenges and requests of the people to ensure the promotion and participation of citizens. The affairs of the society. Based on these four strategic goals, the prince presented a number of recommendations to the conference as a catalyst for the implementation of the 2020 2020 goals of the administration. Prey Veng Province.

He advised local authorities to try to mobilize the State Party Chiefs to implement policies of villages, communes, communes and safeguards to prevent crimes. Specifically, looting, drug looting, illegal gambling, trafficking in gangsters. In addition, strengthening relations between the authorities, the police and the various forces with the state Through the provision of services, relief efforts to address difficult situations of people in natural disasters and disaster to provide further encouragement. Give it to the government.

He also advised the Provincial Government to implement more effective and effective mechanism to crack down on sex crimes by pushing for the referendum. Involvement from civil society partners, the private sector, the general population, and especially young people. Also, promote awareness campaigns and implement stringent measures to reduce traffic accidents. Samdech also confirmed to the committee about the amendment of the sub-decree and moved to amend the Law on Road Traffic to raise money. Penalties and penalties for traffic law enforcement.

During that occasion, Mr. Kranh Kheng also mentioned about the work of some delegates to assess the value of the work of the local specialty Involvement in the implementation of the policy of safe village communes and the provision of public services to the citizens whether these works Good and bad for what? If a problem arises, it may be due to lack of communication, lack of resources, or lack of implementation. Therefore, the team will study those issues to determine the immediate remedial measures.

He also advised the provincial administration to continue to improve the efficiency of employment in agriculture and investment by ensuring the competitiveness of citizens in the sector. Agriculture will need to provide incentives and protection to investors. He advised the provincial government and Provincial Department of Water Resources to properly study the need for water supply for the people. Use the special agriculture sector to see if there are any remedies that can be restored after the restoration. That can be both dry and rainy season, if any But in the rainy season, the restoration may lead to a budget shortfall, as the existing canal months often play a role in supplying the water. You're done.

Moreover, the prince also recommended for the improvement of construction works and environment, especially waste and waste in cities and towns, because the issue of management is Has the government transferred to you. Samdech Hun Sen advised the Provincial Government to intensify the movement of littering and maintenance of the surrounding environment to create special housing Planted on the streets, schools, pagodas and public places. For the protection of the region, the prince showed his support but did not detract from his rights and interests. The law of the land was once local to that area.

In connection with enhancing the effectiveness of public service provision, the Royal Government has issued a national transfer of authority, authority and resources. At the national level, Samdech Akka Mohamed Kheng said that the leaders and officials of the province, municipality, district, commune, department, department and department had the responsibility Receives too high a salary This is a landmark in the Cambodian public's history, as the transition to the subsequent transfer of functions, authority and resources is a matter of history in the Cambodian government. . He advised the officers to continue their work capacity, transparency, accountability and accountability.