Stung Treng: The upper Mekong River begins to fill in on fishThe Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announces the closure of the fishery in Stung Treng province from May 1. Go.

At the close of fishery, the fisheries administration called on 50 communities to abstain. Participate in the implementation of the Fisheries Law.

Khun Savoeun, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said these fish resources were either extinct or lost, depending on the 50 fishing communities that were in the area. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has given the trust to establish a community for management.

Tum Niro, chief of the provincial fisheries administration, said that fishermen must be willing to love the biodiversity resources available at times. The Mekong, especially during the off-season, avoids the use of any fishing equipment prohibited by law.

Stung Treng provincial fisheries chief said that this issue had to be curtailed in other fishing offenses. Fisheries officials have used all kinds of education methods in villages and towns, and have sometimes confiscated the equipment and detained suspects. Legally, some areas still exist.

Mom Nang, head of Sdao 1 fishing community in Sesan commune, confirmed that most fishermen are aware of fisheries law but still have people Some abusers still secretly engage in illegal fishing activities, such as hot- and cold-shock-throwing- and fishing-netting in conservation canals.

In all cases of illegal activities, the community cannot be cracked down but only reported to the authorities, and fisheries officials have often cracked down Also, fail to combine the competence and lack of means to keep the offense, especially at night, in complex geography.

Regarding the closing of the fishing season, Lieutenant General Om Sokun, chief of the Post, summoned the relevant authorities to be willing to crack down at All illegal fishing activities, do not go down to the crack and see the offending group, and the left-hand ax, the syringe, makes the offender happy. Not afraid of White This is the kind of crack that never fails.

It should be noted that Stung Treng province has closed fishing since the 1st of May and 60 conservation canyons are nest eggs, especially fish. . They are only allowed for traditional family fishing. By: Sokhom