Phnom Penh: International tourists to visit the Angkor areaDuring the COPD 19, most of the guests were staying in the Kingdom.

Council of Ministers Press Conference on "Progress and Continuing Direction of Siem Reap Administration" Of the Board of Governors of Siem Reap Province ”in the morning of June 2, 2020.

HE Ly Samrith said that by May 2020, there were 1,176 foreign tourists in Siem Reap and the decrease Down 98.77% from the same period last year of 144,536.

Siem Reap's tourism facilities include: 230 hotels (1,2192 employees, 5267 females) A) During this period of Kovid 19 was
There are 40 businesses in operation, 1340 employees (424 women) have closed 18 businesses
There were 172 business suspensions, 1,0852 workers (4843 women).

By: CEN Collaborators