Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Interior Minister Sar Kheng said that the number of criminal offenses in 2019 was an 8% increase in the number of deaths. 211 Due to Overflow of Foreigners as Opposition Attempts Social Conflict and Plans Coup To overthrow the legitimate government

Sar Kheng made the remarks at the opening of the 2019 Labor Inspection Conference and 2020 Ministry of Interior targets on Wednesday morning. Yesterday, with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, leaders of the Ministry of Interior and other relevant institutions.

“In fact, the crime rate in 2019 is up slightly by 8% due to the influx of foreigners. Accompanying the offenses of some foreigners, the National Police force up to 89 suppressors The percentage of offenses that occur is higher than the year 2018.

“At the same time, some of the offenses affecting the psychosocial, such as theft, aggravated assault, rape, intentional violence and fraud Illegal use of firearms has been markedly reduced. The measures to prevent and suppress drug offenses have been actively and actively pursued in line with the implementation plan of the anti-drug campaign. ”

He added that the national police force, in cooperation with the law enforcement forces, authorities at all levels and the support and participation of citizens from all levels The community through the implementation of safe village and commune policies has been active in preventing and preventing more crime in society Efficiency More.

According to the Ministry of Interior report released at the opening of the convention, there were 3119 criminal cases compared to In 2018, there were 2969 cases, an increase of 228, resulting in 211 deaths, 829 injuries and 1412 injuries, 55 cars lost. 341 motorcycles and equipment A number.

The report added that the police force had carried out 2,842 crackdown operations, accounting for 89 percent of the 41119 perpetrators of crimes. Of these suspects, 1,074 were involved in drug use, and offenses that increased the numbers included kidnapping. Illegal people rape The deliberate sexual violence, murder, involuntary manslaughter and extortion detention. At the same time, 163 cases of human trafficking and sexual exploitation were arrested, with 219 arrested, including 34 foreigners. 438 victims were sent to 165 social workers and 273 treated for treatment.

At the same time, Mr. Kheng said that in 2019, Cambodia had received some influence from international anti-extremist groups. Outside the country, he said: “The anti-extremists are trying to act as a catalyst for social unrest and to plan a state of affairs. Attempts to overthrow the legitimate government Con.

He added that the monarchy in Cambodia, under the leadership of the government, with the support and participation of the armed forces, civil servants, authorities at all levels The entire class and people have come together to completely destroy these dangerous tactics and plans and continue to defend the system Manage the Web The technique according to the principles of liberal democracy to protect the King defend constitutional monarchy.

Am Sam Ath, LICADHO's human rights monitor, said yesterday that the spread and increase of use and abuse Drug Trafficking, Limited Legal Enforcement, Lack of Legal Education and Dissemination A steep rise.

“I see drugs as a big factor in the rise of crime, and the moral factor in society is falling And the lack of comprehensive public education related to legal issues that have been passed before and made public aware of Those legal issues and the question of law enforcement Con.

He added that in order to reduce the crime, the police must take measures to prevent and control the circulation, production or distribution of drugs. Very strong