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Currently, video shooting is becoming a popular activity for social media players, so OPPO is well known. High-end handset maker has adopted the OPPO Reno3 smartphone with front-facing camera A maximum of 44 megapixels has the ability to produce sharp images Clean every channel. Can enhance the look of your face, eyes, hair as you want, without worrying about breakage.

From today until April 1, 2020, customers can make a reservation in the hands of the first 44MP Purefix smartphone. OPPO Reno3 Midnight Black and Sky White ុ Color via Link on Facebook Page Store Owner Sell ​​phones nationwide for just $ 359 and get the beautiful OPPO Power Bank 10000 mAh and Si The Silver package with Internet Xtralong 12 weeks.

With the new design, advanced technology, and OPPO Reno3's professional-grade camera this time around doesn't disappoint fans as it has a camera. 44MP high resolution night and day selfie with Ultra Night Selfie and scan. Fast unlocked but very secure face.

The rear OPPO Reno3 sports a 4MP rear camera, the first is a 13MP f / 2.4 Telephoto Lens Zoom. It has 5x Hybrid Zoom and 20x Digital Zoom technology for longer shots. The second camera is a 48MP camera with a Sony IMX586 sensor capable of taking clear pictures at any time. No matter, morning, night. With Ultra HDR and Super-Resolution imaging technology, it is capable of up to 108MP photos. Extend your eyes, hair, eyes clearly, and not worry about the appearance. The third camera has an 8MP wide-angle lens and a 3cm wide-angle selfie. The fourth camera has a 2MP camera for photos and classic shots.

OPPO also features some special features, such as Ultra Dark Mode, for better shooting in dark areas. Clear, Video Bokeh for Background Blur, 4K Video Recorder and Ultra Steady Video 2.0 for Video Stabilizer Oh, even better, all of these functions are built-in cabinets Terminology costly. This is because the chip has an intelligent AI-enabled NPU that helps to calculate and decouple the seeds faster and Highly effective.

The OPPO Reno3 comes with MediaTek Helio P90 chipset with an 8GHz CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, powered by Andriod 10 with a display. ColorOS7 has 8GB of RAM, Game Space and a 128GB storage capacity with a 4025mAh battery with VOOC3.0 Flash Charge fast charging technology. 2 also has 256GB external micro SD card slot Oh Soloop Step 2.0 and Multi-User Phone Features with 5 Accounts.

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Overall, OPPO Reno3 is a great choice for videographers and loves professional photography. Pre-order the OPPO Reno3 for $ 359 now, but with the OPPO Enco W31 wireless headset, the price is only $ 398 (OPPO Enco W31 $ 59) can save $ 20 and Proceeds add a total of $ 169 in gifts, along with a full year of machinery warranty and quick fixes Just 1 hour at OPPO Mobile Phone Repair Center nationwide. Collaborative Articles

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