Phnom Penh Autonomous Bus: City Bus Drivers are stopped by drivers for undermining dignity, good manners, hygiene, especially Phnom Penh Capital Beauty Full.

According to a press release issued by the state department on February 28, the head of City Bus has confirmed that the layoffs will end. The driver was due to run out of water on the bus in public.

Please note that on February 27, Facebook shared a picture of a bus driver in the city. Phnom Penh Municipality urinates on wheelchairs in public square, causing criticism From Facebook users to drivers behavior and behavior Municipal rupees.

After receiving information and photos, Cheng Chetra, a male employee, retreated. Vehicle Plates No. 3-0197 Discharge Water Pump With Wheelchairs In The Public Location was located at the intersection of Street 1 30 on Norodom Boulevard on February 27. 20 0 0 hours At 1 1 2 and 00 there, the Excise states that this act has infringed on the dignity of dignity, good manners, hygiene, public order and beauty. Phnom Penh. In the above case, the Public Transport Authority of Phnom Penh Municipal Public Transport Authority has finalized the termination of the driver's license. This is from the government from now on: Col