Kompong Cham: Kompong Cham provincial police said Brigadier General calls on the people to be on high alert as the season is dry and there is no long rain The months leading up to the blaze are extremely dangerous.

Please note that on March 1, 2020, two fires started in two different geographical locations in Kampong Cham.

Burning a house in Daun Lo village, Trapeang Preah commune, Prey Chhor district, owned by Sran Thath, male 55-year-old wife Nhim Sophal, 59, the size of the damaged brick house The meter measures 950 meters by 2 houses. Two motorcycles, platinum necklaces, weighs 5G, 250,000 riel and some accessories. The operation was to use six fire trucks, three provincial vehicles, one Kompong district vehicle, two Preych district vehicles and water service. Six cents.

Police confirmed that because the homeowner set fire to the incinerator but did not cause the fire to spread to other people's homes.

In the second case, another people's house was burnt down in Tapang 3 village, Ta Prok commune, Chamkar Leu district, owner Ninn Srey, 51. Year (owner not home). By the extent of the damage, the house was made of zinc wood, a 5-by-7-meter-wide wooden wall, and some materials. Using a fire truck, using one ton of water, caused an electrical shock.

In the case of the fire, the deputy chief of the Kompong Cham Provincial Police Commissar General has ordered the special forces of the Commissioner of Cooperation With the district Inspectorate, with the help of fire protection from the people and the people.