Phnom Penh: From July 18 to 26, Metfone organizedThe largest Mobile Legends Tournament in Cambodia under the title "Metfone All Star Arena Tournament". This is a special and popular event with the participation of 8 top teams in the world of e-Sports from all over the country with money. The total prize is $ 10,000. After two weeks of exciting and engaging competition, the tournament found the winner, Burn Gaming.

The final round under Bo5 (where the winner of the first 3 matches will be the winner of the entire match) is a match between Impunity KH and Burn Gaming Held on July 26th. They are the top two teams, beating six other professional teams to reach the final. However, at that exciting time, Burn Gaming played with the utmost confidence and beat Impunity KH 3-0. On the same day, Immortal Zodiac and Aquatix also competed for the 3rd and 4th place winners, with Aquatix winning 3rd and 4th place. Immortal Zodiac.

All semi-finals and finals are broadcast live on Metfone's Facebook page. The finals set a new record with over 35,000 online viewers and nearly 200,000 reactions during the tournament. This.

Phung Van Cuong, CEO of Metfone, said in the award ceremony for the eight participating teams: This Metfone All Star Arena event is another success of Metfone in providing customers with not only connectivity and The highest quality entertainment, but also a contribution to building a strong and thriving e-sports environment in Cambodia. He added: "Most importantly, this event is the beginning of Metfone's long-term commitment to "Develop and develop this great e-sports app, as well as more mobile gaming activities in the near future."

Meeting with Burn Gaming captain Leexin, he shared his excitement: "We are very excited to be here. Win this match. The Metfone All Star Arena Tournament is definitely one of the greatest tournaments my team has ever participated in. I would like to thank all our fans, family and friends, especially Metfone who has always supported us. From the beginning. "We, Burn Gaming, wish you all the best in your future endeavors to bring e-sports to the international stage."

The competition is also a goal for Metfone to become a Digital Transformation company, focusing on digital technology content and systems. Digital advertising. Organizing e-Sport events is one of the ways in the mission of "building digital social media" that Metfone not only provides services Not only mobile and internet, but also focused on the largest and most robust network infrastructure. Metfone will expand its digital offerings to include Fintech, eSport, eEducation, eHealth, Smarthome and Smart City.