Sihanoukville: Sihanoukville Mayor E Sokleng said For two days, Saturday – Sunday, 22 – 23 February 2020, the Sihanoukville City Government and the Royal Bodyguard team collaborated on the LV-based Above, move to Spark O1 with the following results:

25 houses built on the total of 25 houses out of 55 houses. As a result, the remaining 30 houses were completely rebuilt on the Ore

2- One violation house on the Ou, based on 14 houses in a total of 66 buildings based on 66 total. Therefore, the house is built on a single block with the remaining 52 houses

Mr. So Sokleng said that the house was in total violation of Ou and one rape based on a total of 121, but now the authorities There were 39 houses, with 82 remaining. And earlier this week, the task force is also undertaking a series of housebuilding activities that are gradually being impacted on the farm. It is not until the end of the body.

Sihanoukville Mayor E Sokleng also thanked all the working groups for their efforts. Posting the canal and especially, thank you to the people who have built their houses on the river after the team. The title tells us about the plan for the OC and explains the different challenges of living on the Ore. The State of the Union has awoken and agreed to relocate or bring materials out of the house for the home and extension team. Keep the system running for traffic and overtime. By: Domain