Build Bright University, Phnom Penh, 15 February 2020 – The 8th Exhibition of 2020 will be attended by partners, companies and famous enterprises to provide opportunities for thousands of students and academic staff in Building relationships and learning about new products, services, technologies, experiences and practices Through the forum, presentations of well-known speakers from all the companies participating in the event are displayed.

Most importantly, all students will be given the opportunity to have the opportunity to interview by leaders of HR managers from the following 30 companies:

1. AMK Microfinance Institution Plc

2. WB Finance Co., Ltd

3. Ravy Angkor Tours Cambodia

4. LOLC (Cambodia) Plc

5. Gold Financial Global Investment Co., Ltd

6. vKirirom Pine Resort

7. Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialized Bank.

8. Aeon Cambodia Co., Ltd

9. Mith Samlanh (Friends) Organization

10. PPCBank

11. Canadia Bank Plc

12. ICE Electronics Co., Ltd

13. People and Jobs

14. Goodhill Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd


16. Manulife Cambodia

17. BIDC Bank

18. RHB Indochina Bank

19. Smart Axiata Co., Ltd

20. CMED Construction

21. Palace Gate Hotel & Resort

22. Top Recruitment Cambodia

23. Prince Supermarket (Cambodia) Co., Ltd


25. DKSH (Cambodia) Ltd

26. RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

27. Plaza Premium Lounge (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

28. Brown Coffee Co.,. Ltd

29. Microfinance Amatak Capital Plc

30. Huangshan International

Students who are looking for a job, please bring along CVs to get the following job opportunities and benefits:

»Students will receive job applications through in-person interviews

»Presentation of Career Opportunities and Careers

»Advertise company services and products

»Presentation and guidance on skills needed in emerging industries

The Career Fair is designed to connect universities with businesses and businesses, especially to offer UN students job opportunities. Meet and learn about the practices of large and well-known companies and enterprises to reflect on the topics and subjects they have studied in universities.

Lastly, Build Bright University would like to express my deepest thanks to the 30 companies, microfinance institutions and organizations for attending the 8th edition of Build Bright University on February 15, 2020, for making this event possible. Great Hall of Fame, attended by professors, staff, students and the general public Pride and success by joining Annex nutrition and developing human resources through the provision of job opportunities to university students Bright spots.