In the time of the Buddha, there was a monk named Utayi who had the most scandals, but most of them were less than barachik. No, and as an ignorant monk, even living in a pagoda with the Buddha is still as ignorant as a vulture who does not know the taste of soup. Also.

There is a story that one day the monk went to stay in the Dhammapada and acted like Preah Moha Ther. The Akantok monks saw him and recognized him as a great Thera, a very knowledgeable person, and went in to ask about the Dharma. Mr. Suddenly, the prelate could not answer the dharma problem at all.

The Akantok monks scoffed, "Oh! This monk was in the pagoda with the Preah Sastha, but did not know any Dharma at all, and brought this story to his knees. Bodhisattva.

He knew this and said: The wicked, though he sat close to the doctor for the rest of his life But not knowing the Dharma is like knowing the taste of soup. San Sarin