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Children are an indispensable bamboo for the family, Buddhism and national society. Children must be healthy in four areas – physical, mental, mental and mental. To achieve these objectives, children must avoid violence.

See the value of Buddhist children's rights as a religion that strongly promotes the obligations of children The 5 Parental Societies of the Four Sons and the Fourth Religion

Following the government's policy to promote the rights of children, Buddhists, in collaboration with national and international development partners, have developed a curriculum Incorporate Buddhist lessons to educate and transfer knowledge to students, students and Buddhists in promoting greater attention. From parents Portrait of family, social and community in children as a whole do to avoid the use of violence against children as a priority.

Buddhist Lessons are a valuable tool and tool for disseminating and promoting children's rights awareness for Cambodian children Avoid violence. This lesson is really a lesson that comes up with a mix of Buddhism, national and international law for improvement. Real respect for children's rights. San Sarin