Phnom Penh: Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces on March 19, 2020 The Royal Government of Cambodia has issued emergency steps to prevent the spread of the Kuwaiti-19 pandemic. And Director of all Commissariat Institutions.

RCAF Commander-in-Chief Maj. Gen. Vong Pensen issued a statement urging immediate action:

1) All units must educate military personnel under the direction of their families and people to understand the impact of pandemic
V-19 will introduce preventive measures as recommended by the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health.

2. In order to participate in preventive measures, all units shall be reduced to a meeting or assembly of 30 or more, unless it is necessary to maintain the distance from Each person is at least 1.5 meters to 2 meters away.

Strengthening the skill of all skillful soldiers in readiness to fight Kodi-19 in accordance with Royal Government order National and Commander-in-Chief.

To follow the instructions of the Royal Government not to be overly afraid of disease, discriminatory, maintain good hygiene, live clean, drink clean and eat well.

Access to the barracks, accommodation, work areas, school cafeterias, training institutes, and regular hand washing.

6. All units and training institutes shall not be allowed to temporarily leave the premises unless the special circumstances exist. Upon check-in, check out.

7) Contribute to all forms of intimidation through social media and other sources of information that distort facts Influences social and emotional in the military.

In case of a suspected coronary artery disease, the officer should be sent to the hospital or contact phone number 115 Urgent examination and treatment. By: Kolab