PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – General Neth Savoeun is focused And suggested strengthening four works for the security specialization plan, especially in the fight against terrorism. Eliminate all manipulations, subversions, or antagonisms, or attempt to overthrow the Royal Government by strengthening its work from the top to the local level. .

On the morning of June 17, 2020, HE Gen. Naw Savoeun, Director General of the National Police, led a plenary meeting. Seminar on the results and results of the first half of the year, and the second half of 2020. The meeting was held in the hall of the National Police Commissariat, with the participation of 25 Ministers, deputy commissioners, department heads, departments and units. Capital – Provinces.

HE Gen Nath Savoeun, Director-General of the National Police, addressed the meeting to strengthen security, security and order for the semester. 2 All the Departments, Departments and Commissions of Capital / Provinces shall focus on the following:

First, the joint task force by committing national defense, religion, constitutional protection, and legal government.

Secondly, protect the territorial integrity and national sovereignty, especially committed to prevent the recurrence of any act or act The color revolution took place in Cambodia.

Third, to promote and implement the Royal Government's policy, especially the Village-Commune Safety Policy, which is the pillar of the government National security.

4. Promote the implementation of the action plan for 2020 by the National Police.

HE Gen. Sav Savoeun focused and requested four more enhancements for security specialization plan, especially crackdown Eliminate all situations of terrorism, prevent all subversive, subversive, or antagonistic acts or attempt to overthrow the government by Strengthen the work from the top to the grassroots level. He also emphasized on the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing by promoting the mechanism. To operate, to find out the implications of drug-related offenses, economic offenses and more.

Regarding the work against crime, the Governor-General of the National Police has advised all commitments to reduce crime. Crime, looting, and other social-psychological offenses scare people, including police. The techniques underlying the form of the case form the basis for the charge of the perpetrator, especially the administration of parole Suspected and gang-related. In particular, the drug problem must strive to implement the policy of Samdech Kraschkheng Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, to curb the importation, import and processing Restore the use of trading in the premises.

In connection with traffic affairs, His Excellency Brigadier General Neth Savoeun strengthened the experience of the armed forces. Proper monitoring goals, to avoid neglect, make people resentful, and to protect the safety of officials working on the streets. . In addition, the command and intervention work must be prepared to rescue people in the event of an accident.

Finally, in the work of the National Association of Police Officers, the Governor-General urged the questioning activities of the police officers with disabilities to work To alleviate the hardships of the members of the Association. At the same time, it is necessary to encourage and reward the competent and effective forces to carry out the defense responsibility. Honor the National Police in front of the masses. Promote measures to safeguard national police honor, recently Secretary General of the Police Association sent a letter to the Ministry of Information regarding comedians There are always articles related to police activities, some of which have affected police institutions, including the management of white uniforms and long hair.

By: Kolab