Kandal Provinces: Brigadier General Chhoeun has been urging himThe Deputy Commissioner had a meeting to disseminate the action plan of the Kandal Provincial Police to the Central Inspector General of the Ministry of Health. It is responsible today, with the participation of the police, the police, to know the challenges or problems of the state. Time to find a good solution .

On the morning of February 13, 2020, Brigadier General Chhoeun Sopheak, Commissioner of the Central Provincial Police Conduct a meeting of the Commission on the Dissemination of the Work Commitment Activities Plan From you, Deputy Commissioner, the plan.

At the meeting, the Commander-in-Chief said that according to the recommendations on the dissemination of the White House The work of the Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Interior of the Capital / Province All Deputy Commissioners are responsible for carrying out the duties of each plan Special Take high responsibility for its plans and advise its officers Uniting and coming together to prevent any problems that happen in the end, with Approval from the Commissioner of Planning

The commissioner added: 'If you are planning to have a plan or not Have a plan of action is to make a proposal to the Planning Commission for this plan The evidence on all these activities is requesting the Ministry of Interior's solidarity fund to be used. Dont forget about it The presence of winter. By: Flamingo