Three Indian soldiers have been killed in clashes with Chinese forces in Ladakh in Kashmir. The Indian army said "senior military officials from both sides are meeting to resolve the situation", adding that both sides were affected by the clashes.
According to the BBC's June 16, 2020 edition.

China has responded by calling on India not to act unilaterally or to cause trouble, the BBC's Reuters reports. China also accused India of crossing the border and attacking Chinese soldiers, AFP said.

The conflict comes amid rising tensions between the two countries. India has accused China of sending thousands of troops into Ladakh's Galwan Valley.

The soldier's death is believed to have occurred for the first time in years in a confrontation between two powers. The two countries have only fought one war so far, in 1962, when India suffered a humiliating defeat.

India accuses China of occupying 38,000 square kilometers of its territory. Several rounds of talks over the last three decades have failed to resolve border disputes.

Update: October