Kampot Governor Chea Tay and Mr. Eng Chean, Director General of the Fisheries Administration Department, on the afternoon of January 19, 2020, agree to inspect the land confiscation of Prek Tnaut community.

Sources said that the dumping of the land could have gone smoothly, with the names of government officials and the influential secretary of state. Significantly, the land grabbing of the Prek Tnong fishing community also includes the use of a RC car.

It is highlighted that Kampot has four tourist communities currently operating: Prek Thnout (Anlong Thom), Trapeang Sangke, Kompong Samaki Tourism Community and Boeung Pring. Prek Tnout ecotourism community is located in Prek Kreang village, Prek Thnout commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province.