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Iraq: Three demonstrators who colluded with the Iraqi regime have lost their lives today. 25 March in Baghdad and the south of the country amid clashes with security forces intervening Get rid of the protesters from the sites they have created.

The powerful Shi'ite leader Muktad Shadad had earlier declared that he no longer supports the protesters And. This raises concerns that it is giving the state the opportunity to crack down on protests starting on October 1 There is a deep need for reform.

On the 25th, security forces intervened in the streets and in the square Protesters spray guns and tear gas in Baghdad, where many protest sites Destroyed.

One demonstrator was killed by gunfire and more than 40 were injured in the capital, according to a hospital source . Two protesters were killed and 20 injured in the southern city of Naziria. At Baghdad, security forces set fire to protest camps.

Baghdad's military headquarters announces that the control of the Al-Aqra bridge across the Thai-Gurud River connects the eastern part of Baghdad. Go to the western neighborhoods with green areas. Security forces also dispersed protesters in Tayaran Square in the center of the capital. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)