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An unknown person broke a fence into a home and broke into a jewelry box. There was no money left as the owner closed the door, leaving him unable to stay, where the theft was suspected On 11 March in Prek Preah, the village of Prek Por King City.

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The victim was identified as 58-year-old Kai Nai Sim, the victim. He did not stay that night, closed the door and was busy with his family to Phnom Penh. You take care of the flowers in the daytime. Authorities who visited the house told that an unknown person had jumped a fence into the house and used a concealer Destroy the south side windows, get inside, and steal some jewelry and money. It is not known how much is lost or what is missing.

Khut Savin, 57, who maintains flowers and other crops in the house, said he came Take care of watering only plants during the day. And when evening came, he went to his home. He said that at 8am on March 11, he arrived at the gate to lock the flowers in. In the house as usual. He had been watering the front door until about 10 o'clock and was walking to the back of the house, but it was suddenly over. He saw a crack in the window and looked inside the room and saw a crack. He was terrified when he saw this and ran to his neighbor for help and called the owner The house let him know immediately.

An official of the Battambang Municipal Inspector General who visited said that the woman did not really own the house, she and her family This house is rented temporarily. But on the night of the incident, he and his family closed their doors and went to Phnom Penh A few of his friends came to see. The children of the victim went to look at the remaining belongings in the room, but they did not know what the property was. All that's lost, just know the first step: thieves have stolen some jewelry and money and don't even know How much. However, the authorities are unlikely to draw any conclusions about the case.

At the scene, the city's chief inspector general found only a tie, which was the subject of a breakthrough. And now, not to mention the tips of the perpetrators, even the scars on the house in which the suspect acts. The thief did not leave any trace, apparently the perpetrator was intent on leaving the authorities "wondering". In fact, the cops were 'wondering', as there were no burglars in the house.