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Siem Reap province: Two statues of Saigon have 1 angel, auras (giants), carvings at the gate The ghosts were collected by the Apsara inventory, art and police, as well as the travel agents of the Apsara Authority. Just east of the gate on the morning of the 1st By 2020.

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Chhouk Somalala, art inventory registry officer at the department of conservation of the temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park and the Archeology, said That the nature of the image of the Buddha: the four found fragments of the Buddha, the whole of the Buddha, were broken at the mouth and damaged the hair, the nose and the nose From the digits and pieces of the right ear canal. Asa, only the back with hair style and no face.

The sight of the two statues of the Buddha in the canal was not accidental, Soma said. It is because the structure of the main structure was damaged by the age of the construction, natural factors and the war just made Let the sculptures fall into the water, some buried in the ground More.

After the handover, the two statues were handed over to the Apsara Authority for temporary storage of the inventory. The artifacts will be repaired before being returned to the museum.