Pursat Province: On the night of July 8, 2020, the police force of Talo Sen Chey district, with suspicion, intercepted and searched two men who Riding a motorbike at night along the back of the canal on April 17 to ask for security for the people. After searching and found a handgun and a samurai sword, the police arrested him.

Deputy Provincial Police Commissioner in charge of criminal planning, Brigadier General Molida, said that on the night of July 8, the police force of Talo Sen Chey district In cooperation with Phteah Rong Police Station and Post Talo Police, led by Lt. Col. Kin San, Deputy Chief of Criminal Division, patrolled the target. Important in both communes. At midnight on July 9, 2020, two men were seen riding a motorcycle taxi.
Together along the mouth of the canal on April 17 at the point of Kork Romol bridge in Kork Romol village, Talo commune, Talo district The suspect also stopped to ask questions.

During the search, police found an assault rifle, a machete and a machete. Seeing this, the police also arrested and confiscated all exhibits, including a red KR motorcycle, 2017 series, with license plate. No. Phnom Penh 1GE-9910 as well.

The two suspects, Seng Som, 25, of Tuol Thmor village, Talo commune, Talo Sen Chey district, and Poeur, were arrested. 21-year-old Pang lives in Tuol Koki village, Stok Pravek commune, Rukkiri district, Battambang province. According to the evidence, the two men were walking at night with such devices, which may have been intended to rob and steal people's property.

The two suspects and the above materials were taken to the Talo Sen Chey District Police Inspectorate to build a case. Sent to the provincial court.