Phnom Penh: Recently, there has been a lot of talk about border issues with Vietnam. It is also used for political gain. This happened because Vietnam had set up tents in the White Zone and Cambodia had a series of diplomatic reactions. Koy Pisey, deputy chairwoman of the Cambodian Joint Border Affairs Commission, was also criticized by some for her comments on the issue. Vietnam pitched this tent.

In response to her criticism on social media in the case of Vietnamese soldiers setting up more than 40 tents along the border, Koy Pisey The deputy chairman of the Cambodian Joint Border Affairs Committee said that her critics were unscrupulous and incited. "We are not patriotic, but you are all here to work hard to build," she said. The nation is very proud of Cambodia. Do not destroy more than this, you will not have a good destiny.

Koy Pisey has been criticized by some social media users for saying that the Vietnamese case of pitching a tent Borders are a trivial matter. According to her, in fact, the criticism against her was just a part of her speech, not listening to all the content. No. She asserted that her confession had been obtained through torture, and that her confession had been obtained through torture. The interior border has been working on this, and it is something we can talk about bilaterally, not big, unresolved issues. No need to go for help.

"Cambodia has protested through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once or twice to Vietnam and Vietnam that all Covid will be removed." According to her, the place where Vietnam cast more than 40 ballots is in the disputed area on the border, which means that there is no It is Vietnamese land and it is not yet fully Cambodian land. "The two countries need to continue discussions to reach an agreement," said the deputy chairman of the Cambodian Joint Border Affairs Committee. By: A. Hello