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Svay Rieng Province After student fainting, Provincial authorities lead Camcontrol officials to check in on food stalls In the Waste Secondary School and Hun Sen Nippy Secondary School also found Bora in the cake. Chan and desserts wilted as well as found pure water The date (s) concerns the safety and welfare of students who buy and eat .

The inspection took place this morning on February 4 at Leyte Secondary School, Krang Tung Thum Commune, and Hun Sen Nippon High School. Kandi Rai district, SvayTab district, and CamControl officials also visited 55 fish market to sample 55 foods Scanned at a mobile test vehicle, the substance was found to contain borax Urban tree cakes and desserts.

The other 53 products have yet to produce results. To food sellers in both schools, stop selling crackers and sweets. And stop buying pure water that is not properly dated, leading to health problems You eat.

He also educates the students that the problem of past students fainting is the reason the victims do not sleep enough. Phone games and Facebook too much sleep) not eating enough (fasting) causes physical Dehydration and lack of sugar causes fainting.