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Phnom Penh: So far, Cambodia is poised to host Sigma Games in 2023, with both locations in mind. The tournament will feature some players from the other 10 countries to welcome players. Of all the sports, Cambodia has not yet decided, but it is noted that there are two types of sport that Cambodia can achieve Decide to enter and expect gold medals from the major disciplines in the sport: bokator and chess National of Cambodia.

According to the announcement, the National Sport Committee of Cambodia (CAMSOC) has selected 17 sports for the event Sigma
2023 Cambodia hosts the event. According to Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, those 17 sports are all potential sports. Winning medals on the international stage and a required sport (athletics, swimming). But he still expects two Cambodian national sports – bokator and chess.

Vath Chamroeun said that hosting the Sigma Games host has the potential to put the sport as a potential sport. Especially with his national sport, he sees that bokator and chess are what Cambodia expects most for the sector. This one.

In addition to these 17 potential sports, there are a number of sports available for inclusion and reserve. Also, just because Cambodia is considering which sport to add to, can the Cambodian players have a chance to claim a medal? .

He claimed that both sports, ready-to-wear and inclusive sports could be included in the Games By 2023, if these sports have enough potential to clinch a medal. He said the first category included 17 categories, the second was the 15 categories and the category Third, there are 13 types of reserve groups.

He said all 17 sports will be included in the 2023 SEA Games
These include Athletics, Swimming, Penet, Zhichu, Taekwondo, WTF, Water Motor, Vivam,
Boxing Khmer, bokator, chess, wrestling, taekwondo, ITF, tennis, global boxing, tennis and female Put up (Chin).

So far, each player has stepped up his preparation. Featured sports included badminton, karate, martial arts, cycling, tennis Desktop, Triathlon, Sailboats, Gymnastics, Horseback, Basketball, Volleyball, Judo, Dance, Golf and canoe and rover.

Reserve sports include E-Sport, Weightlifting, Wushu, Sorrentia Camo, Chinese Chess, Ping Seal, Archery, Shotgun, Hockey, Bia and Snooker, Rugby, Baseball and Sport Mountain (Edited by: Bopha)