Boeing Co says it will update two new programs to its 737 MAX flight control computer when it gets approval to restart flights after the plane crashes. Two crashes in five months, according to a release from the Japanese website Theodda.

The planner pointed out that one issue with the mental defect in a laptop computer could lead to loss of control, known as escape stability, while other problems could lead to disconnection. Autonomous during the final stage. Boeing has updated the software to resolve both issues.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it is in contact with Boeing as it continues its work on the automatic flight control system on the 737 MAX. The manufacturer must demonstrate compliance with all certification standards.

The United States' largest aircraft maker has been grappling with a number of software-related problems that have landed since March 2019. Boeing stopped production in January.

Boeing said it did not expect these issues to affect its mid-year forecast for a return to air service. Boeing said the new software problems were not linked to the key anti-software system known as MCAS, which was at fault in both cases.

By: Philip Philip