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Most of us may not know that vitamin B12, besides good for brain health, is essential for good health Also, what are the benefits of this vitamin? Today, Health.com.kh will show some of the health effects of b12.

An excellent source of vitamin B12

1. Fish sardines: Eating more than 90 grams of sardines can provide the body with up to 338 percent of vitamin B12 daily. . Salad is also an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Canned fish can eat both bones, so it can also provide a high amount of calcium to the body.

2. Salmon: 236% of your daily intake of vitamin B12 can be obtained from consuming approximately 113 grams of salmon. The fatty fish is also rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and Also vitamin D.

3. Tuna: Eating about 113 grams of tuna can provide the body with up to 111 percent of the daily vitamin B12. It is also an excellent source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid health and helps strengthen the immune system Bodyweight. Tuna is also rich in protein, phosphorus, choline, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B1, b3 vitamins, vitamin B6, and vitamin D.

4. Lamb: About 113 grams of lamb can provide the body with a daily requirement of up to 105 percent of vitamin B12. Lambs are also one of the best sources of protein, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin B3, which have antioxidant and essential properties. Power production.

5. Shrimp: Another great source of vitamin b12 is shrimp. Eating 113 grams of prawns can provide the body with 78% of the daily requirement of vitamin b12. The seafood is also rich in phosphorus, copper, iodine, protein, vitamin B3 b6, and vitamin E. In addition, shrimp are also a good source of vitamin A, which is important for eye health.

6. Beef: Your body can get up to 60% of your daily essential vitamin B12 from about 113 grams of beef. Beef is also a good source of protein and iron, which helps reduce the risk of anemia.

7. Yogurt: If you like to eat regular yogurt, there is nothing to worry about vitamin B12 deficiency. Just one cup of yogurt can provide the body with up to 38 percent of the daily essential vitamin B12.

8. Milk: About 118 milligrams of pure milk gives the body about 23 percent of the essential vitamin B12 daily. Milk is also an excellent source of iodine, selenium, calcium, calcium and vitamin D, which are important for calcium absorption. Right, too.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

1. Extra energy: Vitamin b12 helps turn food into energy. That's why eating enough vitamin B12 reduces the fatigue that will make you energized Better. This vitamin also improves the metabolism, which can be increased and maintained Also energy.

2. Promote Better Feelings: Did you know that vitamin B12 deficiency can cause bad mood problems? That's because vitamin b12 has a better mood control effect, helping maintain mental health. On the other hand, vitamin B12 also helps maintain brain power against stress-induced fatigue. So if you want to avoid or deal with depression and anxiety, try to include foods that are rich. Vitamin b12 in the daily diet.

3. Enhances brain health: Vitamin b12 helps protect brain cells, which improves brain function. If you feel impaired or your memory capacity is poor, try eating a balanced diet Rich in vitamin b12.

4. Improve heart health: That's because vitamin b12 helps reduce the amino acid homocystein in the blood. High levels of homocystein increase the risk of heart disease. Many health experts say that vitamin B12 also helps prevent the rise of bad cholesterol, including pressure High blood pressure also helps maintain good heart health.

5. Improve skin and hair health: To keep your skin healthy and healthy, make sure you include it The diet is already rich in vitamin b12 in the daily diet. That's because vitamin b12 is essential for skin and hair health (Source: Health.com.kh). (Edited by: Bopha)