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Phnom Penh: beggars in Phnom Penh with no fixed address are not counted as poor in Phnom Penh for money Sponsored by the state. Officials Say Equity Offices for Poor People Get Coverage While Ivory-19 May Be Addressed Exactly. Beggars who do not have a fixed address in Phnom Penh do not receive an Equity Card in order to receive state funding in difficult times By this Kov-19.

Press Conference on “Procedures and Processes of Cash Assistance Program for Poor and Vulnerable Families During the Period Kovadov »Officials have said that if Phnom Penh's beggars want government-funded money, they will now Applicants can apply for an Equity Card in the commune where they have a clear residence for the authorities to evaluate, grant, e.g. Like other poor people. Chour Sokpanha, director of the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, said that there are beggars in Cambodia. There are three types of beggars, the second is the beggar, the seasonal, and the third is the victim of the act Trading is the beggars who have the mastermind behind their labor exploitation.

The head of the Social Welfare Department said that beggars did not want to stay at the Ministry's social welfare centers for services. Take care and train them because they are not free. A 2018 investigation found that beggars could earn at least 50,000 riel a day. Through public beggars, this is why they do not want to stay in social centers. The center, which offers vocational training and provides funding for him to return to subsistence living.

Ministry of Social Welfare states that the state does not want beggars, but this is a social issue There is also. Chhoeun Panha pointed out that if they want to help beggars, stop giving them money and direct them to accept Social services to improve their lives. Officials also stated that the issuance of an Equity Card in Phnom Penh would encourage more beggars in the city A lot. But if they have a living problem, apply to the commune where they live. Mr. Sam Heng Men, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Social Affairs, said that beggars do not have equity cards to get their money in the round. First, they are applying now for a second round of funding. He said the state will not leave any people to die of starvation. By: Hi