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PHNOM PENH – An original version of the song "Because of You" is the original voice of the golden Emperor Sisakom has a unique style that compliments her beauty, even though the flower in the garden is not equal to hers because You're the best woman in the world to make our man in love with white Free.

Suddenly, just because of the love of the song, the owner of the diamond Dana decided to bring the original version to cover. It's a female song and calls the staff to dance to the recording, but after the tweet, the fans click and share Tens of thousands at one time. Try Dina, who is a beauty queen and owner of Diamond Dana in Prek Pnov, said. She also said she had no idea that after posting the song just days ago, it had 20,000 shares and You clicked almost a million times.

She added, "Because of her love of art, especially singing, she always covers many songs. Get great support. ” "The recording is just for entertainment, not for any business purpose," she said.

Please note that Trin Dana is the owner of Prek Pnov Diamond Shop and the CEO of Dana Try Cambodia Trading. Co., Ltd. exclusively imports and distributes NNP products. Most of all, she has a passion for doing things for her own little dreams Both singing and acting.

However, this is not the first time that she has been covering a lot of hit songs. She recalled that at first, she took the time to cover Veasna Veasna's two songs – "You Are The Oldest Waitress" and "Honest. Betrayal ”Thinking that singing can only be heard. But after posting on her own Facebook, she had thousands of shares and thousands of hits.

She then decided to cover two more songs – "Love Taste" and "Still Remembering" as an MV. Also, these songs have been very well received. Due to the sheer number of listeners, Trinna has decided to record her own Original Song and the newly released single is "Tears of Waste" and There are many more songs to follow.

It is learned that Trinna has a difficult history of selling second-hand under the factory umbrella. Her parents died more than 10 years ago when she had no money to treat them both. Arrive. She then struggled as an orphan, asking for luggage to sell, and knowing the source was taking the money Save to import cosmetics in later years. Friendly words, perseverance, perseverance made her successful to open the company on May 13, 2018 and continue to open. This year's Diamond Shop.

Despite her busy schedule, she does not forget to fulfill her dream of walking, doing humanitarian work, sharing to the needy. More and more singing and singing for such entertainment. The owner of the diamond shop Dana, who is well known for his history of bare hands, has become a diamond and business owner. The famous incense covers the original version of the song above and calls the staff to dance for fun She was so upset when she posted on social media Supporters view and share thousands.

Trina said she also didn't think that after the song was released just days after it was released, 20,000 shares and nearly a million views. Collaborative Articles