Phnom Penh: The father of the beautiful dance girl of the members of the popular dance group OMG came out to explain the related criticism Daughter and some other stories after the public did not see Wat Srey Sros, but Sun Sodalika in the group.

On July 13, 2020, Te Sunnang denied reports that the OMG team leader had been fired. Daughter left the group, which is not true, he said, "I really do not want to interfere. And explain a lot, but it hurts my daughter's reputation, as a father, I will explain not to them There was a misunderstanding on my daughter's absence from the OMG group for some time.

One of my brothers (asked not to reveal his name and profile (honor)) said that my daughter was fired by the team leader because she did not know anything Not that my daughter disappeared from the group for any real reason.

As a father, you do not want to have more harm to your beloved daughter and may affect your daughter's health. "If you do not know the exact cause of your child," he said. Girl, I would like to ask all of you and your friends to let my daughter be treated calmly and she will be involved in the arts and Go back to his fans when he recovers, but use for a long time.

It should also be noted that Srey Saat Lika already announced to the public who are her fans last May. Missing out on group because of back pain and successful surgery Already, it only takes a long time for the condition to improve.