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There are so many things that come to mind about sex issues, sometimes it's hard to believe, but it is Absolutely. Understanding these issues can help you stay healthy and safe during sex with your partner.

Most people mistakenly believe that ejaculate outside the vagina (outside of the jug) can prevent pregnancy. Yes, but that's not true. Women can still get pregnant even if the man ejaculates outside. By.

Before a man has an orgasm and ejaculate, many sperm appear during sex. Already, especially when men are very passionate. As you know, only one sperm can make a woman pregnant. On the other hand, pouring water out of the jar can also cause sexually transmitted infections if you or your partner have it. .

If a man says, “Don't be afraid! You can get it out before you have an orgasm. ”… Don't believe it, no one can stop your sperm. Appears during sex. Therefore, you must know how to protect and use a condom if you do not want to have a baby and do not want to get an STI (Source: Health.com. kh). (Edited by: Bopha)