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Mondulkiri: An Aboriginal Ancient House Destroyed by Electricity The remainder of February 27, caused the complete destruction of material and money, occurred at 4:20 pm In front of the cable antenna is located in Pu Luong Village In downtown Monorom.

Sen Monorom police inspector said there was a fire in a house built of 8 bricks 9m meters (ancient house, Phnong tradition). The case resulted in total damage to the equipment and a barn of about 30 to 40 bags of 1,200,000 riel.

The victim was the owner of Nilith, a 26-year-old male, Pong and 24-year-old Chak Chin, a nationality. Pnong village is located in Pouloung Village, Romanea Commune, Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province. Immediately upon receiving the information, the police station, administrative office, municipal police force, and special office of the provincial police chief Led by Deputy Director General fishyap Vuth, fire marshal assisted in the operation of two fire trucks. Two cars were completely gone.

According to authorities, the cause of the fire in the home of two young children, siblings of the family A fire broke out, cooking a home cook and setting off fire.