Battambang: A fair, protected people in Neak Tbaung village, Maung Russey district, Battambang province Beaten man who was disabled on one hand and broke his arm on both hands, authorities intervened when this happened. On January 29, 2020 at 7h00.
The Facebook account source, Phan Phan, asked the cops to intervene because the defenders in my district are very likely to have Please do some help to the prince for circus holiday.

On January 30th, the Rapid Response Team of the Battambang Provincial Police Department issued a statement informing the public, especially those using the network. Social media learned that after receiving the information posted on social media, people (protection people) in Anta village, Russey Krang commune Maung Russey District, Battambang Province January 29, 2020 Violence against an elderly man caused serious injury, this time January 30, 2020 Brig. Gen. Ouch Sokhon, Commissioner of the Police Office of Battambang Province, has issued an order to Brigadier General Jit Vannny, Deputy Commissioner Criminal work takes action Check out this case and find out if someone has been abusive to an older man as mentioned in the network That society will be held responsible.

As mentioned above, please the public, especially the victims' families and social network users, in order to stay informed and cooperate with Police fraternity with most fraternity ៕ By: Kolab