Following the success of the previous BREDfast Talk, the Bank of Cambodia launched its fourth BREDfast Talk at the Lotus Blanc Resort in Siem Reap on Friday, February 21, 2020.

The theme of this breakfast program is "Learn how to raise your child and how to be a positive parent." Being a parent and a business owner can be difficult, and the Bank of Cambodia through the SHINE initiative aims to provide Cambodian women business owners with the support they need to build strong businesses and Healthy family.

The program is led by Chea Samnang, a highly skilled psychologist and social worker who focuses on the importance of positive parenting and how to assess the needs of yourself and your baby.

The program runs smoothly and women can determine how to raise their children and learn how to strengthen their relationship with their children. With new methods and techniques, women are confident in how to raise their children in their busy lives.

This active program is attended by 20 Cambodian women business owners who are very happy to have the opportunity to share and compare their experiences in a female-friendly environment with the expansion of their business networks. Theirs too. It was a breakfast with a clear purpose and the participants felt that the program was well worth the time.

BREDfast Talk is one of the pillars of the SHINE initiative, recently launched by the Bank of Cambodia and aims to provide business owners, whether they are men or women, the support they need to build a business. Enhance through training and programs that address common issues that business owners face Cambodia passed.

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Entrepreneurs interested in participating in the next BREDfast Talk or need more information on the SHINE initiative, please contact the Bank via the following channels:
• Phone: 095 999 220
• Email: (email protected)

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