Takeo Branch: Camcontrol Branch Specialist in Takeo Province And lots of pre-packaged food and lots of canned goods in the barn market in Bati district this morning. Thursday, February 20, 2020 Preliminary tests for the chemical properties of borax on dukkha.

Por Leang Kong, the head of the branch, who led the CamControl officer in cooperation with the provincial commerce department and the market security force, said Following the inspection, the specialists conducted preliminary tests on food and vegetable foods as well as pastries. In the past, we found a pagoda The chemicals in the cake Thanh Duc and has confiscated and destroyed the file immediately, as well nearly 10 kg of graphite.

Pheang Leang said the chemical may have serious consequences for people who eat food that contains chemicals. This one causes urinary problems, headaches, inflammation, digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, itch, and adult. From 7 to 3.5 grams cause death for the elderly 15 mg and 5 mg may cause vomiting blood and died.

In addition to testing the food and vegetables above, the branch also checked the ingredients to look for the ingredients, he added. In the event that it is out of date, out of date and especially defective, we also recommend that the company be prepared. How do you exchange, exchange, sell, sell, or sell your technology to a standard? Be careful not to sell on the day that the item is damaged or damaged, and any canned goods are out of date or out of date. Do not sell the customer separately, or self-destruct.

Chief of CamControl Por Leang Kong also confirmed that today officials have closed down the Poster and distributed it to the people and the business for them Can learn more about food safety because in this poster there are also many pictures that show From what foods should be consumed or consumed and what can be eaten Buy or Not Buy and How to Keep Money From Brokers And Most importantly, both Businesses and Citizens They were satisfied with the activities of the Camcontrol professionals who visited the market and educated them well. This food item ៕ By: Takeo