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Tbong Khmum province was surprised by 12 female students fainting while attending Krouch Chhmar district high school Wedges. The incident took place from 1pm until almost 5 pm on January 17, 2020. The students were taken by ambulance to Krouch Chhmar district hospital by paramedics. And regain strength.

Dr. Keo Vannak, Director of Provincial Health Department, said that in the beginning, the number of students attending Krouch Chhmar High School was unconscious Two were rushed by the teacher to the ambulance.

The head of the provincial health department said that two female students had been given serum by doctors. The strength was normal and later ten other students became exhausted and fainted He was taken to a district hospital. Under the tutelage of the medical team, the 12 students were on continuous serum That same day, the disciples got up.

Dr. Keo Vannak, Director of Tbaung Khmum Health Department, stated that the reason for the 12 girls fainting due to They study hard and are gluten-free when they see their friends faint, others feel uncomfortable. And then unconscious. And under the auspices of the medical team, all 12 students have recovered Ready to go home.

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