Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Russey Keo Authorities Down to Close Two Illegal Fishing Game Sites More than 100 people marched on the morning of March 15 as local authorities ignored the crackdown. According to residents of the Vietnamese community in Svay Pak district.

Truong Yang, a representative of the Vietnamese community in Svay Pak commune, told the Post the location of the two fishing games had been destroyed. That caused children in the village to get away from school and steal their family's belongings for the game last night March 13 There is a case of a mob Six people from the game site attacked two villagers' phones and destroyed two motorbikes. More accessories.

“We have complained to the local authorities to come down, crack down and close the two fish game locations. But no authority came down to crack down. In the morning of March 15, the villagers decided to go in and destroy it.

According to Mr. Yang Lo, after villagers stormed the two game-shooting cabinets that same evening, police forces Russei Keo district inspected and collected all evidence and ordered the owner of the game site to contract .

However, yesterday, villagers involved in the demolition of the fish tank expressed concern after hearing the words of the owner. The game's fishmonger, Chiang Young, says he will file a lawsuit against the court over "invading and destroying other people's property." Illegal. ”

The Post could not be reached for the game's owner Cheng Young Bin yesterday.

Russey Keo district inspector Heang Tharat said he had ordered his officials to shut down the fishing grounds and confiscated them. The arcade is destroyed.

He said that although the actions of the villagers were beyond the scope of the law, they were showing involvement in improving village policy – Secure Commune ៕