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Phnom Penh: According to preliminary reports, a karaoke shop has been secretly opened by residents to complain authority Arrested 10 men and women were brought to light and questioned by 11:10 pm April 9, 2020 at the karaoke point KTV brand luck August in the village duck ponds Trapeang Krasang Por Sen Chey district.

According to sources from Por Sen Chey district police, their patrol force had inspected the base before. It is a sight of people drinking in villages in Por Sen Chey district and then two young men report. Authorities said that there was a karaoke bar at the top of the site Open. When the cops interrogated and the two young men mentioned that by them a little earlier had some friends. Take them to the karaoke once again and drink a little because of fear of arrest, and they break. Tell the authorities one by one.

Sources said that immediately, district police reported to the department and contacted the police. Collaborate immediately as well. While heading down to the karaoke store above, it turned out that the shop had turned off the lights in the front, with two drinks inside. It was in a secluded spot and in a 9999 karaoke room with a beer.

However, the shop manager denied that the above location was open. But there were no two karaoke girls, but the boys, her brother's boss, came to drink. Only. Instead, they found five women in the store, eight men at the scene.

After the incident, police in Por Sen Chey district brought eight men and one woman into the shop. 2 All 10 Detained Officers Interview at Por Senchey District Police Department for Questioning The rest of the women are waiting in the shops and motorbikes. (Edited by: Bopha)