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Kampot: A 40-meter-long balloon bridge that passes through the Kampong Bay canal to the town of Trapeang Koh, the island of Kampot From longevity is a long way, and many concrete repairs have been done on the concrete pillars. The shaft is left with a steel frame. The bridge, which has been seen as a dilapidated bridge, has also asked city authorities and officials for help. Do not allow heavy trucks to cross over for the risk of a broken bridge. The request has been met by officials and city authorities in order for the heavy-duty vehicles to halt traffic for a while Bigger too.

But from mid-January to the end of February 2020, six cubic meters of trucks are transported per day. Not less than 600 feet because the owner of the plot in the Trach island area needs to fill their plots At the moment the land is being heavily patrolled on the island's shores.

Koh Kong Provincial Commissioner, Mr. Pawson, said for his temporary closure of traffic on the dilapidated bridge. However, he did not allow the truck to go through business, he said From City Hall to transport land across this old bridge by the Mayor of A.C. Pol Pot told the Post that if the truck carrying the land was OK, he had to sign a contract with the city if the company was carrying it. Across the bridge, the company is responsible for the bridge collapse.

Today, there are also hundreds of hectares of provincial leaders' land in the province today, he said. The truck was also dumped so that he did not dare to stop the car but he made a letter about the problem. Not responsible for trucking over the old bridge to Governor He is not responsible for any damage to the bridge in Kampot.

Provincial councilor Leang Roeung Sothy said that the problem of trucking across the old bridge on the island, he complied. He asked the truck owners not to fill the cages with their land, but asked the truck owners to sign the contract The vehicle was not and told the commune authorities to check for any vehicles Many do not comply with the contract volume for frozen to educational measures or penalties for repeated offenses.

The governor added that the request of the above people had also been reported to the governor and the governor. Let's see how it can be done to avoid damaging the bridge. (Editing by: Thida)