Phnom Penh: At least 100 tons of rubbish was hauled out of Boeung Trabek Canal, the deepest sewer area after Chamkar Morn authorities opened Last week's Wastewater Campaign from the Boeung Trabek Canal to reduce rainfall in Phnom Penh Caused by obstruction.

Chamkar Mon district governor Theng Sothol said yesterday that the rehabilitation of the waste stream from the Boeung Trabek canal began on March 7, with the aim of improving the quality of the waste. The campaign ends on March 15.

“In one day, the team was moving out of the canal and carrying 18 garbage bags per truck,” Sutol said. There is about 5 tons of garbage out of the dumpsite to the landfill. The working group is meeting to address this extra rubbish to find ways to disseminate it to the people.

Mr. Somthol said that the lake canal is the deepest so that when it rains, it is everywhere. In the canal, in addition to water flowing there is mixed waste, causing water and garbage congestion so all people should Foolish trash disposal habits because of the lack of beauty Urban and regional basis, especially drainage causes congestion which water can flow.

“The restoration of the Boeung Trabek canal must be done before the rainy season, as it will not be available,” said Chamkar Mon district governor. Drainage, drainage, drainage and drainage in Phnom Penh when the rainy season comes and there will be heavy rainfall and the water will be mixed with Trash too. ”

The district governor also called on people to properly dispose of garbage instead of throwing it into drainage canals. Causes garbage jams that can't flow.

San Daravit, the initiative's leader in the wastewater collection at Boeung Trabek's canal, spoke enthusiastically about the action of Chamkar Mon district authorities. Garbage collection site. These rubbish flows through the water from other areas, and many locals dispose of it, causing a great deal of rubbish. Such.

Mr. Davit said the site had been proposed by the youths to the district authorities for a body to gather and collect from the canal, but Authorities did not allow access to the litter, claiming there was danger because of the water there, so the youths were just collecting. Waste in shallow water only Yes.

“I support it because the actions of the authorities are the same as those of my youth, as well as other citizens,” Darawit said. This work cannot be done alone, we must all work together, inspire, clean up, and sanitize And proper littering so that our city or country is in good condition. "

Regarding this case, Phnom Penh Capital Hall has informed all ministries, institutions, public and private sectors to divert garbage collection fee And Phnom Penh Solid Waste from Cintri (Cambodia) to Phnom Penh Waste Management and Solid Waste Management Authority.

According to a letter from the Phnom Penh Municipality dated March 10 that the Phnom Penh Post received yesterday, Established Phnom Penh Waste and Waste Management Authority to Operate Trash and Solid Waste Management in Phnom Penh Sinai Re (Cambodia), the government of Cambodia has terminated the contract.

To manage all expenses incurred in accordance with financial procedures, all ministries, institutions, public and private sectors have already paid the collection fees Garbage and solid waste diverts directly to Cintri (Cambodia), turning to the Phnom Penh Waste Management Authority. For ministries, institutions, state bodies that pay for the diversion through the Phnom Penh Municipal Solid Waste Management Authority at Monivong Boulevard, Sangkat Srah Chak, Daun Penh District and Pay through the Phnom Penh Treasury. The private sector pays directly to the Phnom Penh Municipal Solid Waste Management Authority and through ACLEDA Bank.

Keo Chan Narith, deputy governor of Phnom Penh's Waste and Solid Waste Management Authority, said: “We have been paying off this new process for two months. And many of the people (most of whom have no clear percentage) have understood the new procedure by paying Usually, but there are few business owners or institutions His doubts about the procedure. “So we issued a letter of intent to explain to them that they have not yet understood the new procedure.”