Takeo: In response to widespread protection as well as preparednessPreventive measures to prevent the deadly respiratory disease is Kov 19, Takeo Provincial Governor Ouch Phear Monday morning March 23 led the concerned officials to visit the dormitory building, which is a student dormitory at Takeo Regional Teacher Training Center, height 3 The floor has 60 rooms Prepare in advance for the treatment and quarantine those suspected or infected COR 19.

Addressing on the occasion, HE Ouch Phear, Governor of Takeo Province, said that with the high level of advice of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister Cambodia is ready for the province to prepare for and prepare for the outbreak in case of the outbreak of the disease. In any province, the province must find a suitable place Cholesterol patients, isolate and treat them.

For Takeo province, we have a dormitory that was donated by Samdech Techo in the Khmer Rouge V1 19 And, as a matter of fact, today, we have found that the student accommodation has a fully equipped room. There is water, electricity, bathroom, fan Every room is not clean, so we will clean the building and be clean, especially disinfectant and Have the Provincial Health Department send the bed and some medical supplies to the building in a timely manner: Always in advance, don't grow Spreads wider.

In addition, the governor also informed the workers that they had returned from Thailand and had informed the local authorities for research and Take immediate action to isolate the family for 14 days, as the Ministry of Health has announced, because we did not know they had Loads or not have 1 Ivory Disease But if there is any suspicion provincial health department, as well as referral hospitals of the province will arrive immediately. Takeo: