Kompong Cham: The provincial police chief claimed that the cops were difficultSlightly helpful in the intervention, as the clipboard was enclosed by a roof and a zinc wall. At 22:10 pm on March 28, 2020, a fire engulfed a boarding house near the foot of the mountain. Phnom Srei Village is located in Sralao Village, Ampil Commune, Kampong Siem District, Kampong Cham Province.

After receiving information on the incident, Lieutenant General Em Em Kosal, Kompong Cham provincial police chief, said. Directed forces to direct operations and ordered the issuance of 11 provincial and regional fire vehicles with immediate operation. Transported from Direct Inspector-General Inspector to use 31 cent water and to use force to intervene in command of Provincial Police, The total force of the order, fire and force of the Inspectorate of Police of Kampong Siem District totaled 150 persons.

Please note that the fire was completely controlled by the fire that continued to spread around 1:35 pm on March 29th. By 2020, this operation will take more than three hours.

According to inquiries from factory workers, the cause of the fire was caused by an electrical fault at a central mattress manufacturer. The area of ​​the factory for the extent of damage to the competence of the competent authorities is undergoing an evaluation.

After the operation, the commissioner said, “In this operation, our authority is a bit difficult because the factory is surrounded by white roofs and walls. The hinges were closed, but we used the means to break through and break through the roof so that our force could not be prevented. Pat The fire spread further.

However, in my behalf, I would also like to thank the people for reporting and working well with Our competence also commend to the combined forces and district inspectors for their prompt and efficient operation. Be on time to save In this case, it is the case of the past and wish all the forces a successful and healthy task against disease. Terrible All Down Under: By Colossians