Tbong Khmum Province: Expert strength of Tbong Khmum district police inspector "The case of a man who committed suicide did not appear to be related to a criminal offense," he said.

At approximately 10:30 pm on Sunday, March 1, 2020, at Sreate, a male, 54, was on the east side. Trang Slam village, Peam Chilang commune, Tbong Khmum district, Tbong Khmum province Villages were the cause of the deaths The hammock hangs itself with 2-meter tall sycamore branch.

Immediately upon receiving the information, the special forces of the Tbong Khmum district police inspector cooperated with the police station, the administrative office of Peung, the local authorities and the doctors. Inquiries in search of the victim's body conclude that the corpse actually died of hanged ( Cause of upset with divorce wife).

This case has nothing to do with criminal activity