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Phnom Penh: Six Online Advertisers Launch Kovirus 19 Testing Equipment on Social Media Facebook, which the district authorities detained on March 29, 2020 by the Office of the Criminal Investigation Bureau Security work technology is introduced Education and hosting contracts stop selling any products prohibited by law. According to the PEC, the National Police released a report on March 31.

Photo from the National Police

In front of the authorities, all six admitted their wrongdoing in breaking the law and promised not to sell any products. The law bans no more.

Photo from the National Police

Please note that in this case, all 6 people just posted photos online, there is no product yet Yet. After receiving the mistake and receiving the education and contract termination on the morning of March 31, 2020 Skills allowed the above six people to return to their respective homes.
Please note that Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen sent a voicemail on March 29 instructing and ordering the Ministry of Health to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice And Provincial and Municipal Authorities Deploy Immediately Confiscate All 19 Kovirus Detection Devices On Sale Online, All Capital – Kate To protect the health and welfare of the people.

Samdech Techo made it clear that now is no longer an education phase, not just business people Some misconduct causes confusion for people, especially to prevent people suffering from cholera 19 This is further affected by human factors because of the device The 19 HIVaviruses currently on sale and online have not been recognized by the World Health Organization Will you