Kampong Speu: Four Defendants Arrested by Kampong Speu Provincial Police and Sent to Court Yesterday by Order Arrested by the Investigating Judge of Kampong Speu Provincial Court on charges of encroachment on state land, deforestation, destruction of community forest land border posts committed in the village Doung, Choam Sangke commune, Phnom Sruoch district.

Kampong Speu Provincial Police Commissioner Sam Samoun told the Post yesterday that after the police force executed an arrest warrant, The four have been sent to court on September 20 so far.

"We sent him to court this morning (Monday) according to the arrest warrant," he said. The court is involved in cases of encroachment on state land, deforestation, destruction of community forest land border posts.

Mr. Samuon said that the four accused were the first, Sieng Nak, a 43-year-old man. Second, the name is Mak Em, male, 67 years old. The third is Yuon Nam, male, 41 years old, and the fourth is Suon Sokhom, male, 37 years old. The four defendants live in Trapeang Peuk village, Kat Phluk commune, Bor Seth district, Kampong Speu province.

According to the arrest warrant issued by Nguon Wutty, the investigating judge of Kampong Speu Provincial Court charged the four with The song "Clearing the forest, occupying the forest land, destroying the forest border posts and destroying the planted seedlings (Kon Beng)" committed In Doung village, Choam Sangke commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province during 1988, 1993, 1997 and 1999.

Investigating Judge Nguon Wutty charged the accused in a criminal offense punishable under Article 95, point 3, article 97, point 6 and 95 Article 2 of the Law on Forestry.

Chat Sorasmey, a spokeswoman for the Kampong Speu Provincial Court, told the Post yesterday: “When an investigating judge issues an order to To bring means to accuse the accused.

Therefore, this work is in accordance with the order of the judge.

Investigating Judge Nguon Vuthy of Kampong Speu Provincial Court could not be reached for comment. As for Mr. Chhun Sambo's phone, Mr. Nguon Vuthy's clerk did not receive it yesterday. However, the arrest warrant stated that the four accused were represented by prosecutors charged with "cutting "Forest encroachment occupies forest land, demolishes forest border posts and destroys planted saplings."

Chea Hean, president of the Anti-Corruption Organization for the Prevention of Natural Resources and the Protection of Civil Rights (ACNCIPO), which investigated the case, said. Yesterday, the four accused sold community land and removed community land in Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province.

"They are ordinary citizens, but they have encroached on community land to sell to traders," he said. This case has been going on for a long time and the court has issued summonses for the four accused to appear for questioning many times, but they He refused to appear, so the judge issued an order to bring him immediately.

At the same time, Mr. Chea Hean requested that the court continue to investigate and convict those involved in this case, not to end up arresting people. Only commit crimes.

He said: "Currently, the case of encroachment on community land, state land, not only in the area of ​​Phnom Sruoch, Kampong Speu province, but In other areas, it is also happening sharply. ”