Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Prek Pnov Municipality Authority Rejects Report of STT The eviction of the poor families despite their economic hardship during the outbreak of the Kiev 19 epidemic.

According to a STT statement obtained by the Post on June 29: “Citizen families Many poor continue to be evicted even though they are economically disadvantaged and at the most vulnerable, causing "It is caused by the spread of the coronavirus 19.

In June, STT published a research report on eviction and resettlement, a 56-page thickness.

The report examines the eviction and resettlement process between 1982 and 2019 in the capital. Phnom Penh based on human rights principles.

For the most part, the evictions did not comply with UN guidelines and human rights standards. In many cases, authorities did not properly inform the community prior to the eviction. According to the statement.

The statement said the dismissal in the presence of Kovir 19 was indicative of the Royal Government continuing to evict the family. Many of them are poor, contrary to human rights standards and contrary to urban and rural poor.

According to the statement, on June 20, 2020, authorities cleared a bulldozer in the Boeung Kak (A) community. Although citizens seek consultation, 13 families did not consult the authorities before the machinery arrived in the community Not at all.

On 11 June 2020, approximately 100 families were forcibly evicted from their shelters Kandal Lake Lake by police officers and Prek Pnov district authorities.

On April 24, 2020, authorities took a truck to a site on the banks of Samrong Samrong lake, where 18 families had been displaced. It is said to have occupied the area since 1979.

Nevertheless, Prek Pnov district governor Sok Sambath told the Post on June 29 that Samrong Lake had a sub-decree since 2008 and that the school now Phnom Penh has been working with the relevant department, especially Prek Pnov district to restore the lake by walking along the footpath of the lake. More than 300 hectares.

“But now it is 80 percent. There were no evictions. The inside huts that used to borrow (lake) this state, pay with fish compensation with that. How many fish are worth the fish, and that is almost 90%. Someone fired. ”

Soeung Saran, CEO of STT, claimed in a statement that some poor Cambodians are also suffering. Because of the disease 19

Many lost their jobs and income.

“STT appeals to the Royal Government, please think about the rescue and stop all evictions until the outbreak of HIV / AIDS 19,” he said. The full extent and impact of the epidemic has been addressed. After the epidemic is over, we ask the government to respect its citizens' rights and provide prior consultation. When the eviction happens, ”he said.