Siamese Siem Reap Provincial Forestry Administration in collaboration with Varin district authorities cracked down on six charcoal kilns in Kandan Run village, Preah Vihear commune Complaints from Other Villagers That Caused Their Health to Lose the Smoke Those.

San Song, chief of the Temple of Preah Vihear, told the Post on January 23 that the six-kiln incinerator had been running for some time. From 10 days to 2 weeks ago, while 30 more in the commune are preparing firewood in the fire. Coal is made, and some of the coal has already been collected.

Song said: "The expert officials did not use any of the six fire-fighting measures that were in the process of burning it. Worry when a demolition could explode, spark or coke burn out of the furnace to set fire to his house People in that area. But it was required by the owners of the contract to stop the charcoal-burning activities by using the kilns and dismantle them. Come out after the coal is harvested.

According to Song, professional officials on January 23 continued to inspect and advise other villagers in the firewood business. The charcoal has stopped its activities immediately, saying it has a negative impact on Cambodia's forest resources.

Coal burner is part of the cause of the deforestation in Cambodia because wood or coal The wood that the villagers cut for burning charcoal is mostly from the community forest and forest State defense. So far, the forestland of the destroyed state has been illegally encroached upon by some villagers. More.

“Operating an unauthorized coal or having no technical standards, it's not just about legal disputes. "No, it also poses a significant risk to national forest resources, public health and the environment."

"The smell of resin, smoke and ashes from the incinerator, which is not properly standardized, is causing the problem." Air pollution can cause respiratory illnesses and infections through inhalation of pollutants .

However, he said, the government does not prohibit people from operating or operating charcoal grills if they comply. The technical and legal principle is that they have to use the wood taken from their forest plantations and set up a standard incinerator Technically and with proper permissions from Relevant institutions and authorities.

In this case, Jeanneut, 44, of Kernanhun village, Prasat commune, has two incinerators that can produce more than 300 kilograms of coal. The grammer said she had no choice but to suspend the business for a time, as authorities warned against taking any action. The strictest on the job.

“Apart from cassava, charcoal is a secondary business that can help me earn my living because we,” she said. Do not want to migrate to work in other provinces or neighboring countries, abandon their homes, homes and fields. ”

On her 3.5-hectare farm, there are some trees that she can cut and burn for production. Charcoal is like oak, cinnamon, cinnamon and lime. Her husband usually cut the trees in the rainy season and hauled them to the back of the house to burn charcoal. In the dry season, after cutting, the trees can grow new ones which will allow them to make charcoal Next year ៕