Phnom Penh: More than 100 HANA factory workers in Cambodia's Por Sen Chey district on Wednesday morning were arrested by authorities. Blocked in the middle of the street after a walk-in to Prime Minister Hun Sen's house, asking for intervention by authorities to divert attention. At the district level negotiations, the factory terminated the contract and failed to pay as promised.

Hanla factory worker who joined the protest told during the rally on Wednesday morning that the Hanam Cam factory Bodenin declared bankruptcy and promised the workers five terms to terminate their employment contract.

At the end of the day, the factory would only offer three workers, she said. About 400 people have been protesting since June 23.

“We are not willing because the salary will not be paid immediately and promised to open on the 30th but negotiate Both the factory and the ministry agreed to give us 5 points, opening only 3 points. He wants the Samdech Hun Sen to help resolve the issue of the two Hanna factory workers so that he can resolve the other two points legally. We worked in that factory for many years. We will suffer a lot because if we want to work anywhere, there are no recipients because we are pregnant. ”

Sokhom, another factory worker, also told the Post that traveling to Prime Minister Hun Sen's house was unavailable yesterday The decision was made because the Porsen district authority had blocked the workers and asked all workers to resume their negotiations locally.

Pur Senchey district governor Hem Darith said yesterday that authorities prevented workers from gathering on foot. This is to prevent public order. He said authorities are intent on getting all workers to negotiate on the spot.

"We want our brother to fulfill his request and what he demands is something," he said. Five points, three points correspond, and the other two, his seniority, worked at the factory for five to ten years What year He demanded to give her a preliminary inquiry, if at least his $ 1,000. This is just his suggestion. ”

However, Phearum, a worker involved in the negotiations yesterday afternoon, told the Post the talks had not yet paid off. With the factory still refusing to offer the two terms they had promised the workers.

The two conditions, he said, are compensation and compensation in lieu of prior notice that the factory intends to evade. From responsibility.

He said that all the workers were still standing and protesting for Prime Minister Hun Sen to come in the future More.

“The negotiations are hopeless, the factory still refuses to deliver what they promised,” he said The factory was not affected by the Kovid. Because when we work, it's overtime until work is endless. It's time to excuse this Ivorian issue to end our contract and avoid any other liability. ”